Before Shiri Appleby headed to Vancouver to start shooting season 4 of the Lifetime show “UnREAL”, she went straight to haircolor queen Tracey Cunningham at her Meche Salon in Los Angeles for the transformation. Cunningham is behind many famous blondes including Chrissy Teigen, Leslie Mann and Khloe Kardashian. Shiri told Us Magazin: “The 4th season of UnREAL starts production soon, and the color change is a part of the story.”

“I’ve only had a few highlights in my life. I’ve always been very natural, so this has been a big change,” the UnREAL star tells Us exclusively. Find the full interview on

UnREAL’s Shiri Appleby Reveals Why She Went Blonde

Shiri posted this photo on her Instagram as well and captured the pic: “Do blondes have more fun? I’m about to find out 💋”

Photo courtesy of Jon Shook