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2010 Feburary – Updates

Site development and updates:

Saturday – 27th, 2010
Updated “Fear Itself” and “Welcome to the Captain” series page.

Friday – 26th, 2010
Updated Affiliates list: Lux-Source.Com and Brittany Robertson Web. Images added 2009 Summer TCA Party.

Thursday – 25th, 2010
Updated gallery for Life Unexpected episodes: Home Inspected behind the scenes images , Rent Uncollected behind the scenes images and Rent Uncollected screenshots.

Sunday – 21st, 2010
Added Temperley London’s Presentation images and created new site page: Booklover’s Paradise.

Monday – 15th, 2010
Updated ‘Frosty, Heidi and Frank’ Show section and created a gallery for Life Unexpected episode Rent Uncollected with stills and behind the scenes images.

Sunday – 14th, 2010
Added more ‘Frosty, Heidi and Frank’ Show images.

Saturday – 13rd, 2010
Gallery created for ‘Frosty, Heidi and Frank’ Show.

Thursday – 11th, 2010
Updated Affiliates list: Life Unexpected Italia.

Wednesday – 3rd, 2010
Updated Affiliates list: CW Life Unexpected. Added new Life Unexpected promotional posters.

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