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September 28th, 2009

When “Life Unexpected” began filming on September 28th, 2009 in Vancouver B.C., Shiri posted under her pseudonym killercat on FanForum. She informed her fans about this project and revealed that she decided to get involved with social networking:

Startin’ LUX in the morning!!!
Hey guys, Shiri here!

I’m up in Vancouver getting ready to start work on Life UneXpected tomorrow. I can’t believe it’s actually happening. It’s been a long time coming – you guys know better than anyone! I want to thank each and everyone of you for all your support getting to this point.

So I’ve joined the modern world and signed up on Facebook and Twitter – both are under my name. I’m posting behind the scenes pics and giving updates as much as I can. I hope you guys will follow me and be a part of all of it.

Hope you all enjoyed your summer and are settling in for a great fall!
Your fan,

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June 10th, 2008

Shiri Appleby uses networking tools to keep in touch with her fans and informs them about her upcoming projects as well as events and reveals facts of her private life. Posting as ‘killercat’ on FanForum’s posting board, Shiri has this to say:

Hey There Guys!!!
Hello there…

I know it’s been a long time so I wanted to drop in and say hello. I can’t even begin to properly put into words my thanks and appreciation through the years. It has meant so much to me.

Okay, so here’s what’s been going on… Right now, I am working on a little show called ER. I’m playing a new intern along with three other actors. We’re having a blast. The cast and crew are so incredible. It’s one the best sets I have ever been on. I can’t wait for you all to see it. Me, a doctor? Who knew…

The reason I’ve been sort of MIA lately is that in March I got thrown off a horse and broke my pelvis. The horse wasn’t in the best mood and I just started riding in November so I didn’t have the skills to settle him down. So off I went. I’m okay now so no need to worry. I was surrounded by all my great friends and to be honest, I really loved the time at home. It was a treat to just stay in one place for a while.

Please check out the episode of Fear Itself I’m in with Brandon Routh – there isn’t a nicer guy around. You’ll have to check your local listings on this one. Not my speciality. Other than that, I’m doing great. I’m planning on spending some time in New York this summer. If you have time check out Young At Heart – it’s a documentary that I absolutely loved.

So again, many thanks for everything. You guys definitely know how to make a girl feel special!


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March 20th, 2002

The penultimate day of filming for the final episode of Roswell’s season three found all of the regular cast at the Vasquez Rocks location near Aqua Dulce, California. It was what may have been the last day ever on Roswell for some of the actors, and indeed for the entire series. Executive producer Jason Katims arranged for members of staff to be present on the set to cover the final day of shooting on location. Shiri Appleby made a point to thank her fans, saying:

I want to thank everybody for all the support they have given to the show, and we are all really appreciative that you guys have rallied around the show, because we know if it wasn’t for you, the story wouldn’t have been told for such a long time. It really means a lot to all of us that people have enjoyed what we have been spending many hours doing. I don’t really know what to say, except for thank you.

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April 20th, 2001

A group of Shiri Appleby fans purchased a full-page ad in the February 23rd edition of Daily Variety, reading “Thank-you SHIRI APPLEBY for touching our hearts. You make Roswell MAGIC!”. Shiri Appleby replied on FanForum:

I want to thank everyone again for their continual support of the show. It feels wonderful to be a part of something that people actually respond to. Working on the show is amazing and the ad in Variety was like the cherry on top. I am still in shock that so many people got together and put their time and energy into it. It touched my heart.

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