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On her Fan Base
To be a young actress still trying to make her way in this business, and to know there’s a group of people out there that will support and watch you in whatever you do, it’s so comforting. – Shiri Appleby, Six Degrees Magazine – August 2006

On Pressure of Hollywood
As long as you say, “I don’t need the money,” or “I don’t need that fame,” if that’s what’s being offered, then you can deal with the pressures of Hollywood. You can say, “No.” I haven’t really been propositioned to do nudity that much, so it hasn’t been that hard. And then, the last movie [Editor’s note: The Killing Floor] I did, I had to do a shower scene, but it was just very clear that you were not going to see anything. And, they were okay with that. If they want you bad enough for the movie and they think you’re right enough for the role, they’ll make the exceptions. They just want to see, “Can we get your boob, or can we not?” “No, you can’t.” – Shiri Appleby, Media Bldvd Magazine – April 10th, 2006

On Theater – the Actor’s World
I really want to still do a play, really badly. I’d love to start Off Broadway. I want to do something different, where the actor is totally in control. Film is a director’s world, television is a producer’s world, and they say theater is really the actor’s world, so it would be fun. You get to take your performance from the beginning to the end, and I’ve never really done that before. It would be nice to see what’s working, right then and there. Hopefully, it will come up soon. But, in the meantime, I’m pretty happy right now, making movies. – Shiri Appleby, Media Bldvd Magazine – April 10th, 2006

On ‘When Do We Eat?’
It was just a bunch of crazy Jews in one room together. We were really friendly, during the time we were making the movie, so it was all very natural. Working on a comedy is so different. When you’re on set and it’s a dramatic moment, you’re quiet. In terms of this, everyone was having a good time. You still have to remember that you’re making a movie, but it’s a more jovial set. – Shiri Appleby, Media Bldvd Magazine – April 10th, 2006

On the Last ‘Roswell’ Episode
The last episode was the highlight of what I remember, definitely, looking back on it now, just because it was the last one, and Brendan Fehr broke his arm while we were shooting it, and there was so much craziness. The last one was just hard because you knew that once [shooting was finished] you were not going to be seeing these people on a daily basis any more, so it was a lot of emotion in that last eight days of shooting the show, and that’s the episode that [stands out] in my memories. – Shiri Appleby, IGN Entertainment – August 8th, 2005

Advice for Aspiring Actors and Actresses
If you want to get into the business, make sure you’re doing it because you want it. You have to enjoy the experience of auditioning, because that’s the hardest part. You have to put yourself out there. And if you’re rejected, remember they are not rejecting you, it’s just that you don’t fit something specific they have in their head. – Shiri Appleby, Nick.com – December 2000

On her Best Valentine
I think in like 3rd grade a guy asked me to be his Valentine and he got me some flowers and a little teddy bear but it was really sweet because it was the 3rd grade and everybody wants to have a valentine and the cute boy asked me to be his! That was my favorite. – Shiri Appleby, Teen Magazine – February 14th, 2000

True to the Motto
I’m not waiting for life to show itself, I’m going after it. – Shiri Appleby, Six Degrees Magazine – August 2006

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