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Did you know?

  • When she was little, she was bitten by a dog, hence the scar over her left eyebrow. To over come her fear of animals she helped out in Emergency Vets.
  • Adopted a tabby cat, which she named Abby.
  • Her name means “my song” in Hebrew.
  • Her mother Dina was born in Israel.
  • She had ballet lessons for some years and was able to use these skills for her movie A Time for Dancing.
  • Her first commercial was for Raisin Bran, but it was never aired.
  • She attended high school with members of the band “Incubus”.
  • Shiri was an editor of her high school’s yearbook, a part of the student council as well as being a cheerleader.
  • Was voted “Most Spirited” by her classmates at Calabasas High.
  • She had two guest spots on Xena: Warrior Princess as Tara. The producers contacted Shiri’s agent for more guest appearances but unfortunately by that point the actress was contracted to work on Roswell (female lead). So there was no way she could take time out to fly to New Zealand.
  • Shiri auditioned like Katherine Heigl, for all three female lead roles. She won the female lead of Liz Parker after several callbacks.
  • One of the Roswell writers put a fight between him and Shiri into a fight scene of Liz and Valenti in “Cry Your Name”. When Shiri read it she was like: “Oh.. looks familiar!”
  • Shiri has expressed interest in being part of a Roswell (1999) movie if one is ever made.
  • Her favorite places are the Bahamas, Tokyo, New York, and Montreal.
  • She enjoys to shop in stores like: Milk (in West Hollywood, CA), Bergdorf, H&M and Neiman Marcus.
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