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When do we eat?

Shiri Appleby as Debbie

Directed by Salvador Litvak
Produced by Horatio C. Kemeny
Written by Nina Davidovich & Salvador Litvak
Distributed by When Do We Eat? Inc.
Release date April 14, 2005
Genre Comedy

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Michael Lerner as Ira Stuckman
Lesley Ann Warren as Peggy Stuckman
Jack Klugman as Artur Stuckman
Meredith Scott Lynn as Jennifer

“When Do We Eat?” is the story of the “world’s fastest Seder” gone horribly awry. It’s about an old school dad (Michael Lerner) who’s as tough on his sons as his father (Jack Klugman) is on him. On this night, however, one of the boys (Ben Feldman) slips Dad a dose of special, psychedelic Ecstasy in order “to give him a new perspective.”

Meanwhile, Mom (Lesley Ann Warren) brings a handsome stranger to dinner and the kids take sides. By the end of the night, however, Dad’s visions turn him into a modern day Moses intent on leading this hungry group to the promised land of family forgiveness.

Of course they’re all so stubborn, it’d be easier to part the Red Sea.

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Quotes by her Character

Nikki Stuckman: It’s very important boys his age masturbate regularly and not feel guilty about it.

Nikki Stuckman: Listen, if you guys ever have bad death issues, I can get the Better Sex series, lesbian edition. I mean it’s half price. Very hot girl-on-girl action.

Peggy Stuckman: She has sex for money!
Nikki Stuckman: Oh my god, mom, like you’re so perfect. You’re bringing your big gigolo here to Seder. You’re parading him around in front of your husband.

Nikki Stuckman: I’m a good person. I have sex with cripples, for God’s sake.

Trivia and Fun Facts

  • Meredith Scott Lynn played in ‘Roswell’ Dominique Lazar (Maria Deluca’s music producer).
  • Shiri got the part immediately on her first audition because she had a “funny, strong and dynamic interpretation” of Nikki’s character.
  • Salvador Litvak (director) was familiar with Shiri from Swimfan, Project Greenlight and he heard her on Loveline “Dr. Drew”.

Watch the Trailer

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April 14, 2005

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