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Shiri Appleby as Violet

Directed by David Gordon Green
Produced by Terrence Malick & Lisa Muskat
Written by Lingard Jervey & Joe Conway
Distributed by MGM
Release date October 22, 2004
Genre Drama | Thriller

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Jamie Bell as Chris Munn
Kristen Stewart as Lila
Josh Lucas as Deel Munn
Dermot Mulroney as John Munn

John Munn, part-time taxidermist and hog farmer, lives with his two sons in an isolated farmhouse. Chris, the older boy, has itchy feet. He longs to see a world beyond the big sty. His younger brother Tim is perpetually sick – in no small part due to eating paint, dirt and whatever else through his grubby hands.

The three are soon joined by a fourth. John’s brother Deel has just left jail and arrives on the farm with nowhere to go. There is an air of danger about him, but brotherly love, or at least a sense of duty persuades John to take his sibling in. It is a fateful decision, and one that will change all their lives.

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Quotes by her Character

Part of the original script:

    Standing inside is ABRAHAM ( ABE) MORGAN; 60′ s, white hair, his face lined with hard- earned wisdom.

    Violet: I met this gypsy once. She told me that you write down a wish – whatever you want most in the world.

    Violet: You see this river? It goes to the ocean and so you throw your bottle in the ocean, you don’t throw it in the river. If it makes it all the way to the ocean, then everything comes true.

    Trivia and Fun Facts

    • Undertow resembles a 1970s remake of Charles Laughton’s classic 1955 thriller “Night of the Hunter”.
    • The movie was shot in 30 days and in Savannah, Georgia.
    • There were many injuries acquired on the set. Both Josh Lucas and Dermot Mulroney broke ribs during fight scenes between each other, and Jamie Bell stepped on a nail and had to walk on crutches for days.
    • During their fight scene, Josh Lucas actually blacked out while being choked by Dermot Mulroney.
    • While shooting the indie thriller Undertow, Shiri got chigger bites up and down her legs. “We were putting nail polish on them to relieve the itching —it was awful.”, she says.

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