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The Skin Horse

Shiri Appleby as Carla

Directed by Karen Goodman & Tyrus Coursey
Produced by T. Coursey & D. Vest Goodman
Written by Karen Goodman
Release date Summer 2004
Genre Drama | Mystery

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Chaney Kley as John Young
Kent Faulcon as Zeke Fenn
Robert Blanche as Bob Ano

Writer-director Karen Goodman-Hawk’s debut feature is a slick film noir that begins in familiar crime drama territory but quickly leads us into a complex character study. John Young is a depressed cop and recovering alcoholic, floating through life and suspicious that his partner and girlfriend are having an affair. Among his assignments is the case of Barry Greene (deftly played by Portland filmmaker Andrew Dickson), an amateur pornographer and creator of the “Skin Horse” videos featuring sexual encounters between strangers. As his partner pursues the traditional leads, John follows his instincts. Led by Harlan, a nightclub owner and definitive collector of Green’s oevre, John delves deeper into a seedy sexual underworld, eventually succumbing to his desire for one of his suspects. Under cinematographer Randall Timmermans’ influence, familiar Portland landmarks are framed as noirish iconography and the architecture of the city makes a stark, beautiful background for Goodman-Hawk’s dark, brooding narrative.

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Trivia and Fun Facts

  • Was not released on DVD, movie theatre or TV.
  • The indie movie was shot in Portland, Oregon.
  • The Skin Horse screened at the Guild Theater in Portland, Oregon as part of the Northwest Film Center’s Northwest Tracking Series in summer 2004.
  • An Official Selection at Bendfilm 2004. (September 14th -19th, 2004.)
  • Actor Chaney Kley (lead role) passed away on July 24, 2007. He was 34 years old.

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