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The Other Sister

Shiri Appleby as Free Sample Girl

Directed by Garry Marshall
Produced by Alexandra Rose & David Hoberman
Written by Alexander Rose & Blair Richwood
Distributed by Touchstone Pictures
Release date February 26, 1999
Genre Comedy | Romance

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Juliette Lewis as Carla Tate
Diane Keaton as Elizabeth Tate
Tom Skerritt as Dr. Radley Tate
Giovanni Ribisi as Daniel McMann
Hector Elizondo as Ernie

Twenty-two year old Carla Tate is a slightly mentally challenged young woman who has spent several years at a sheltered private boarding school. Now she’s coming home to her wealthy parents in northern California who are emotionally ill-equipped to deal with her and are guilt ridden over sending her away in the first place. The biggest limitation Carla must now overcome is her overprotective mother Elizabeth. When she takes a class at a trade school, Carla soon meets the equally challenged Daniel. Despite his limitations, he maintains a job in a bakery and lives alone. Carla dares to dream of independence and love despite her mother who refuses to view her as an adult. When Daniel fails his class, his father cuts off his funds. Facing a move to Florida to live with his mother, the two turn to each other and find a way to stay together to face a world of adult opportunities and responsibilities.

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Trivia and Fun Facts

  • The movie was filmed in Long Beach, Pasadena and San Francisco.
  • Production start was on December 3, 1997.
  • Hector Elizondo and Shiri Appleby landed both a role in the further comedy I-See-You.Com (Year 2006).

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