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Shiri Appleby as Amy Miller

Directed by John Polson
Produced by John M. Penotti
Written by Charles Bohl & Phil Schneider
Distributed by 20th Century Fox
Release date September 6, 2002
Genre Thriller

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Jesse Bradford as Ben Cronin
Erika Christensen as Madison Bell
Clayne Crawford as Josh
Jason Ritter as Randy

Ben Cronin is a high school senior who has just about everything going for him. He has a great girlfriend, Amy, and a swimming scholarship to Stanford in the works. Ben’s life seems almost perfect. Then Madison, the alluring new girl in town, develops a crush on Ben, although she says she just wants to be friends. But it seems that Madison has an odd way of defining “friends.” As Madison’s obsession with Ben grows, his life begins to unravel. First, he is kicked off the swim team for using steroids that he swears he’s never taken. Then, his best friend runs into troubled times and all clues lead to Ben. Finally, Ben is accused of endangering Amy’s life and putting her in the hospital. Ben suspects that Madison is behind all of it. With no one on his side, Ben dives into investigating her past and finds some incredibly dark secrets. Convinced that Madison will do anything to ruin his life as well as the lives of those around him, Ben decides to set the record straight.

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Quotes by her Character

Amy Miller: I was just pushing you because its senior year. Suddenly I was afraid of losing you. But we don’t have to make any plans now. You know, we can just take everything one step at a time. And I am fine with that.
Ben Cronin: I don’t deserve you.

Trivia and Fun Facts

  • The movie was co-produced by Michael Douglas’s company, Further Films.
  • During her coma scene in the bed, Shiri started rubbing her nose and moving around and when director John Polson said: “I am not sure. It might be better you do less.”, he realized that Shiri was actually a sleep.
  • The movie was mostly shot in and around Manhattan – in 36 days.

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