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Pizza My Heart

Shiri Appleby as Gina Prestolani

Directed by Andy Wolk
Produced by R. d. Arredondo & J. Goldenring
Written by Juliet Giglio & Keith Giglio
TV channel ABC
Release date July 24, 2005
Genre Family romance

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Eyal Podell as Joe Montebello
Dan Hedaya as Vinnie Montebello
Michael Badalucco as Lou Prestolani
Gina Hecht as Gloria Montebello

It’s a Romeo & Juliet story set in old Verona. New Jersey, that is. Joe and Gina’s (Eyal Pedell, Shiri Appleby) families own rival pizzerias and have been feuding since the old country. So when Joe and Gina fall in love it’s a recipe for disaster.

    It all starts when Gina Prestolani returns from college and bumps in a handsome stranger. Before she can wipe the stars from her eyes, he is gone. Back home Gina gets more than a just warm welcome… her dad (Michael Badalucco) has mapped out her whole life, from job to who she is supposed to marry. But Gina wants to be a photographer and she can’t get the stranger out of her mind.

    Then she sees him again and discovers he is no stranger at all. In fact, Gina’s Mr. Right couldn’t be more wrong. He’s Joe Montebello, the son of her family’s arch rivals. A loyal on and a talented chef, Joe helps his dad (Dan Hedaya) at the pizzeria but, like Gina, he dreams of bigger things.

    Try as they might to fight it, Joe and Gina fall in love. But their relationship gets them into big trouble with their families. The stakes get even higher when the families compete for a chance to expand their business. Can their families ever get along? Will their dreams come true? In a romance with everything, can true love really rise above?

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    Quotes by her Character

    Gina fell off a ladder and Carlo caught her.
    Gina Prestolani: Thanks!
    Carlo Delrio: Nice to know you’re still falling for me.

      Gina Prestolani: You!
      Joe Montebello: You! A Prestolani?
      Gina Prestolani: At least I’m not a Montebello!

      Trivia and Fun Facts

      • The original movie title was: Pizza Wars.
      • The Pizza War scene was filmed in weather of 40 degrees Fahrenheit, although it was supposed to be in the summer; the extras and cast were freezing during the filming.
      • The film was shot in New Orleans, Louisiana and Yonkers, New York.

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