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Shiri Appleby as Amanda

Directed by Barbara Kopple
Produced by Jack F. Murphy
Written by Stephen Gaghan & Jessica Kaplan
Distributed by New Line Cinema
Release date November 29, 2005
Genre Drama | Crime

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Anne Hathaway as Allison Lang
Bijou Phillips as Emily
Channing Tatum as Nick
Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Sam
Mike Vogel as Toby

A pair of naïve young girls learn that even the most insignificant actions can have lasting consequences in this music-driven take on teen culture starring Anne Hathaway and Bijou Phillips and directed by two-time Oscar-winning filmmaker Barbara Kopple. Influenced by the hip-hop thug lifestyle and seeking to explore life outside of their insulated, culturally homogenized suburb, pretty young teenagers Allison (Hathaway) and Emily (Phillips) set their sights on East L.A. to experience the “gangsta” lifestyle firsthand. By the time the pair meet some true-life Latino gang-bangers and realize just how far out of their element they really are, it may already be too late to turn back.

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Quotes by her Character

Allison: Oh my god!
Amanda: What?
Allison: That guy is getting a blow job!
Allison, Sasha: [both start laughing]
Amanda: [indignant] It’s not fuckin’ funny, Allison! Shut up!

    Manuel: What’s your name?
    Amanda: Amanda. [nervous]
    Manuel: Amanda huh? You want to smoke some crack?
    Amanda: Uh, no.

    Trivia and Fun Facts

    • Jessica Kaplan, the original writer, died in a plane crash over L.A. in June 2003. The film is dedicated to her.
    • Mandy Moore was originally cast as the lead but was replaced by her Princess Diaries co-star Anne Hathaway shortly before filming began.
    • Jena Malone, Moore’s co-star from Saved! was originally set to play Emily, but she left the project shortly after Moore’s departure from the film.
    • The movie was filmed around Southern California, including Los Angeles, Altadena, Brentwood and Santa Monica.

    Watch the Trailer

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