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Go Toward the Light

Shiri Appleby as Jessica

Directed by Mike Robe
Produced by Nick Lombardo
Written by Susan Nanus & Beth Polson
Distributed by RHI Entertainment
Release date November 1, 1988
Genre Drama

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Linda Hamilton as Claire Madison
Joshua Harris as Ben Madison
Richard Thomas as Greg Madison

Claire and Greg Madison (Linda Hamilton and Richard Thomas) discover that their hemophiliac son Ben (Joshua Harris) has contracted the deadly virus through a tainted transfusion. Faced with the likelihood that Ben will not live out the year, the Madisons vow to make every day of that year count and to see to it that their son will not have to endure his trials alone.

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Trivia and Fun Facts

  • This movie is based on the autobiographical book by Chris Oyler, about an inspirational AIDS drama.
  • Alternative title is “Go to the Light”.

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