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Everything You Want

Shiri Appleby as Abby Morrison

Directed by Ryan Little
Produced by Brian Brough
Written by Steven A. Lee & Kevin Lawrence King
TV channel ABC
Distributed by Dream Guy Productions
Release date April 17, 2005
Genre Comedy

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Nick Zano as Quinn Andrews
Will Friedle as Calvin Dillwaller
Orlando Seale as Sy

Abby’s world consists of hitting the books, pouring lattes to pay the bills, and struggling to avoid the pifalls of college life. Fortunately, she has her longtime boyfriend SY for support. He has what every woman looks for-good looks, charm and loyalty- and would be considered “perfect” if it wasn’t for one tiny detail-he’s imaginary.

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Quotes by her Character

Quinn Andrews: You don’t like me much do you?
Abby Morrison: Funny, I thought you were slow.
Quinn Andrews: [Looks at her name tag.] Abigail huh? That’s a weird name.
Abby Morrison: It’s Abby.

[Art gallery]
Quinn Andrews: It looks like spaghetti.
Abby Morrison: Well maybe to you, but I happen to see something else.
Quinn Andrews: Fettucini, I got it.

Quinn Andrews: You know I’m not perfect.
Abby Morrison: I’m not looking for perfect anymore.

Trivia and Fun Facts

  • The writer of EYW – Kevin Lawrence King is the personal assistant of Sylvester Stallone.
  • King was also producer in D-Tox, Driven.
  • Screenwriter Steven A. Lee and director – Ryan Little, know each other since they have made the same production “Saint and Soldiers”.

Watch the Trailer

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