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Shiri Appleby as Lilith / Elle

Directed by Bill Platt
Produced by Phillip J. Roth
Written by Bill Platt & Chris Regina
Distributed by Sci-Fi Channel
Release date September 18, 2004
Genre Sci-Fi | Fantasy

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Richard Burgi as William Shaw
John de Lancie as Faith Director Chapel
David Hewlett as Anders Raeborne

Shiri Appleby stars as the immortal Lilith, a mythological demon living as a young woman with no memory or her dark past. When a rampaging creature unleashes a biblical plague, a secret society called The Faith assigns its chief agent, William Shaw, to recruit Lilith to become humanity’s greatest protector. To save the world, Lilith must master her supernatural power, known as Darklight. A new action is born.

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Quotes by her Character

Part of the original script:

    Standing inside is ABRAHAM ( ABE) MORGAN; 60′ s, white hair, his face lined with hard- earned wisdom.

    Abe: I smell trouble.
    Elle: I just brought you some flowers. There’ s no crime in that, is there?
    Elle fills a vase with water for the flowers. Abe stirs a pot of soup on the stove.
    Abe: With you, Elle, I never can tell.
    As Elle puts the flowers in the vase, she becomes strangely quiet, again glancing at the marks on her arm.Abe notices her silence.
    Abe: You alright?
    ELLE: realizing It’ s nothing. hesitant Abe, what do you know about… Biblical curses?
    Abe puts down the wooden spoon and turns to face her.
    Abe: Not a darn thing. suspicious Why?
    Elle: There’ s something called “The Marks of Daggoth” – – I read about them in a book.
    Abe: disapproving Elle, why do you do this to yourself? You’ ve got to stop chasing phantoms. It’ s been three years since I took you off the street – – a vagrant. I helped you get your act together.
    Elle: And I’ m grateful for it. I couldn’t have done it without you.
    Abe: Then, listen to me. You need to focus on building a new life, in the here and now. You’ ve got a job – – What about that?
    Elle: frustrated You call that a job, working in a flower shop?
    Abe: I call it a start. Everybody has one, Elle.
    Elle: I have to find out who I am.
    Abe: You may not want to know everything, Elle. You have a clean slate, something most people only dream about. Use it. Be something.
    Elle: It’ s not so easy. I’ m doing my best.

    Trivia and Fun Facts

    • Shiri hasn’t made all the stunts by herself. Her stunt double was Vanessa Vander Pluym.
    • The movie was shot in Sofia, Bulgaria.
    • The DVD was released on December 16th, 2008.

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