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Charlie Wilson’s War

Shiri Appleby as Jailbait

Directed by Mike Nichols
Produced by Tom Hanks
Written by Aaron Sorkin (screenplay)
Distributed by Universal Pictures
Release date December 21, 2007
Genre Biography | Drama

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Tom Hanks as Charlie Wilson
Julia Roberts as Joanne Herring
Philip Seymour Hoffman as Gust Avrakotos
Amy Adams as Bonnie Bach

Charlie Wilson’s War is the true story of how a playboy congressman, a renegade CIA agent and a beautiful Houston socialite joined forces to lead the largest and most successful covert operation in history. Their efforts contributed to the fall of the Soviet Union and the end of the Cold War, with consequences that reverberate throughout the world today. Oscar winners Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts and Philip Seymour Hoffman team with Academy Award-winning director Mike Nichols and screenwriter Aaron Sorkin to bring George Crile’s best-selling book to the screen.

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Quotes by her Character

Jailbait: Representative Charlie Wilson has learned he is joining several members of Congress ‚who are under investigation by a Justice Department task force that is…‘
Bonnie Bach: Don’t say ‘task force’, it makes it sound like Eliot Ness is running the thing.

Jailbait: The Washington Times wants to know if you’ve ever been in rehab.
Charlie Wilson: Well, what are you gonna tell them?
Jailbait: That you won’t go to rehab, ‘cause they don’t serve whisky there.

Trivia and Fun Facts

  • Based on a true story.
  • Shiri Appleby played alongside Tom Hanks’ son Colin Hanks in the TV show Roswell.
  • A special effects assistant received critical injuries due to a handhold mock-up of a stinger missile exploding as it was being prepared to be used in a scene aboard a helicopter.
  • Charlie Wilson’s aides in his Senate office were all beautiful well-endowed women nicknamed “Charlie’s Angels”. His chief aide, played by ‘Amy Adams’ in the film, was a man in real life.
  • The movie was released on DVD on April 22, 2008.

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