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Roswell Press Tour Transcript

Roswell Press Tour Transcript

QUESTION: Shiri, can you explain a little bit about where your name comes from? And also, are you a full-time student at USC or is that now over forever?

SHIRI APPLEBY: Well, not over forever. I’m taking a leave of absence and, hopefully, I’m going to be able to go back and definitely want to finish my education. And my name is Israeli.

QUESTION: I’d like to go back real quickly, if I could, of the idea that there was so much about young performers this year. What was it that drew you to “Roswell” specifically? And when you read for it, was it the role of Liz that you were going after?

APPLEBY: Well, I actually auditioned for all three of the girl parts numerous times [panel laughter] I think what really drew me was the writing, It really spoke to me and it is written in a really realistic way, so for people my age,, it’s easy to understand. And I got really lucky in working with a really good group of talented young people and so we’re able to work together and bounce ideas off of each other. I think that’s what really appealed me to the entire show.

QUESTION: Now that you’re cast as Liz, do you think you’ll be happier as human than an alien?

APPLEBY: Pardon me?

QUESTION: Now that you’re cast as Liz, are you happier doing that than playing an alien person?

ABBLEBY: Oh yeah, definitely.

July 1999

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