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Interview Magazine by M. Musto

Interview Magazine by M. Musto

Michael Musto: Don’t you think that if your new TV show Roswell had been done a few decades ago, it would have been a sitcom, like My Favorite Martian?
Shiri Appleby: I never watched that show. So I don’t know.

Michael Musto: Do you buy the premise of the show — a waitress having a crush on a being from another planet?
Shiri Appleby: I think it’s kind of feasible. The boys are not like green Martians. They look and act like normal people, except they have these powers that enable them to look into my soul.

Michael Musto: What kind of advice are you getting from people around you? “Don’t Get a swollen head”?
Shiri Appleby: I’ve been lucky. I’ve been doing this for a long time, so I’ve been able to know what I like and don’t like about certain aspects of it. That way you can basically take it for what it’s worth.

Michael Musto: A long time? What are you, fourteen or something?
Shiri Appleby: No, I’m twenty. [laughs]

Michael Musto: You’re not exactly George Burns. You did start acting at four, however. So many child actors end up suffering a horrible fate, like practically everyone on Diff’rent Strokes. How did you avoid that?
Shiri Appleby: My parents. I never went to any of the Hollywood child parties. I had a really normal childhood, except I acted. It was like, my brother played soccer, and I was on television sometimes.

Michael Musto: The mood of Roswell seems very X-Files. It’s very somber, and people talk very quietly. It’s not slow, but very deliberately placed.
Shiri Appleby: Most of the times we’re talking slow and whispering because we’re discussing things that have to do with the fact that they’re aliens, and we don’t want people to hear.

Michael Musto: And it doesn’t throw the relationships off-balance that you happen to have your own series, and they work in the mines?
Shiri Appleby: Well, they’re all going to college. So no, it doesn’t. They’ve known me for so long and they’ve seen me do like really ridiculous television and all kinds of crazy things. So this is kind of just Shiri being a little silly.

Michael Musto: Do you personally have a dark side, or is it all sweetness and light?
Shiri Appleby: There’re a lot of different sides to me. I don’t know if I’m always peaches-and-cream.

Michael Musto: Well, that’s good to hear.

December 1999
by Michael Musto
Interview Magazine

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