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Happy Mother’s Day from Shiri and Constance!

In celebration of mothers and Mother’s Day, Lifetime has released a video featuring our favourite “UnREAL” couple Shiri Appleby and Constance Zimmer. The actresses reflect on gifts their mothers gave them. #UnREALtv

Happy Mother’s Day!


Sundance Film Festival 2017 – Arrival [Photos+Video]

On January 22, the UnREAL star Shiri Appleby was seen in good spirits as she arrived at the Salt Lake City airport in Utah for the Sundance Film Festival 2017. The actress was busy promoting and attending the premieres of her latest projects, “Lemon” and “The Strangers”.

Find some photos of her arrival at the airport in our gallery.

Gallery Link:
Candids in 2017 > January 22nd, 2017

Check out the embedded video below that features the UnREAL actress arriving at the airport.

“Lemon” has been described as a “diptych of one man’s day, half impressionist and half realist portraits.” By Hollywoodreporter. Her participation in the Strangers will be released online later this year.


Shiri Appleby’s Superfan Submits 50 Questions & Gets Them all Answered

Lifetime’s “UnREAL” stars Shiri Appleby and Constance Zimmer answered questions submitted by fans via Twitter.
Maybe that was the initial plan, but instead the duo surprised one fan and only answered his questions. Even better the video was captioned “Shiri Appleby and Constance Zimmer answer UNREAL superfan @earlbny’s twitter questions.”

We asked Eric (@earlbny) how he felt being called the superfan by Shiri Appleby and Constance Zimmer and why he submitted 50 questions in the first place.

After I saw the tweet asking fans to submit question to Shiri and Constance. I came up with a question or 2 or 50. I was bored at work and just started tweeting questions. Little did I know they would answer only my questions. I still can’t believe it. When I went to the SAG event I got to talk to Shiri and Constance. Shiri told Constance that I was the superfan. I nearly lost it. My first reaction was OMG Shiri knows who I am. I was freaking out. I am still freaking out. I have now officially met Shiri six times. I never thought I would ever meet her let alone six times.

Watch the video below.


Larry King Now: “UnREAL” Stars On Success & Hollywood

Watch “Larry King Now” on Hulu. “UnREAL” stars Shiri Appleby and Constance Zimmer On Success & Hollywood: Larry King Now

Don’t miss the UnREALtv season 2 finale tonight!

Thanks to and @tns_fans + @Ioanos!

— Edited on August 18th, 2016 —

Watch Shiri’s appearance at the Larry King show below!

Shiri Appleby on fighting gender bias in Hollywood

Shiri Appleby on fighting gender bias in Hollywood

Shiri Appleby on her storied career in Hollywood