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Poll Time: Next Gallery Addition On Sappleby.Com

Oh, boy! We have so many photos to add to our gallery. It is impossible to decide where to start! So, we’d like to hear YOUR thoughts and suggestions what YOU would like to see next in our gallery.

Help us to decide and vote here:


Press Archive – Launch

Today, we open the doors to our digital press archive – a database for articles, interviews, transcripts and features relating to Shiri Appleby’s activities. And the best thing: All in one place! So far you can find a small interview collection from 1999 and 2000, but we are working very hard to update this section with further press material soon.

Exclusive Interviews had over the years the wonderful experience and privilege to interview Shiri and now you can find all exclusive interviews chronologically ordered in the press archive as well.

Make sure to look around and check the old articles and also our exclusive interviews.



Sappleby.Com Celebrates 10 Years Online!

It was February 28th 2004 when we first launched our website with the goal to provide fans from all over the world with an accurate, entertaining, as well as comprehensive source for information on actress Shiri Appleby and to offer the opportunity to engage in discussion about Shiri and her work. We never could have predicted the success the following ten years would bring. Since then, we have proudly grown into the leading fan resource for reliable and respectful news.

To celebrate this milestone, we hope you will enjoy our new and exclusive Q&A Session with Shiri Appleby.

We are so proud of and everything that it has become and continues to be. These past ten years have been an amazing journey. We would like to thank everyone who supported this website since our launch back in 2004. We extend our gratitude to all of our loyal visitors and everyone on Twitter/ Facebook for their endless support and love!

Finally, we would like to express our deepest gratitude to Shiri for all her kindness and abundant generosity in supporting us. It really means a lot. Thank you.

You guys are awesome!



Back After Long Hiatus

It took us quite awhile, but after one year we are finally back with a new layout, new content and new spirit!

We launched Shiri Appleby Online on February 28th, 2004 and over the years, Sappleby.Com has proudly grown into the leading fan resource for reliable and respectful news on actress Shiri Appleby. Even though we had an extended hiatus, we strongly hope that we can continue the success of the previous years with the tremendous support we get from you guys.

We would like to thank everyone who supported this fan project since our launch almost exactly nine years ago.

Thank you!!