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Shiri Appleby’s Superfan Submits 50 Questions & Gets Them all Answered

Lifetime’s “UnREAL” stars Shiri Appleby and Constance Zimmer answered questions submitted by fans via Twitter.
Maybe that was the initial plan, but instead the duo surprised one fan and only answered his questions. Even better the video was captioned “Shiri Appleby and Constance Zimmer answer UNREAL superfan @earlbny’s twitter questions.”

We asked Eric (@earlbny) how he felt being called the superfan by Shiri Appleby and Constance Zimmer and why he submitted 50 questions in the first place.

After I saw the tweet asking fans to submit question to Shiri and Constance. I came up with a question or 2 or 50. I was bored at work and just started tweeting questions. Little did I know they would answer only my questions. I still can’t believe it. When I went to the SAG event I got to talk to Shiri and Constance. Shiri told Constance that I was the superfan. I nearly lost it. My first reaction was OMG Shiri knows who I am. I was freaking out. I am still freaking out. I have now officially met Shiri six times. I never thought I would ever meet her let alone six times.

Watch the video below.


ICYMI: Shiri Appleby at the ‘Under Armour’ Event in July

On July 21, the UnREAL star celebrated with Under Amour the debut of their cross-back bra at a special event in West Hollywood. The sporty launch party was held outside at The London hotel and included a cardio dance workout, followed by a Thai Chi-inspired yoga session.

During the event Shiri was interviewed by PEOPLE and opened up about her six-month-old son Owen, who seems to have more energy than her daughter Natalie. “The first few months, everyone was like, ‘Isn’t it so different?’ And I didn’t really understand,” Shiri told PEOPLE. “Then we just vacationed with some friends of ours that have a baby girl the same age, and she’s dainty and sits, and he’s really active. It’s much more energy!”

The mother-of-two also makes sure to find some time for herself to regain the energy.

“Taking care of myself and working out is something that I’ve really been focused on, because having to go to work and be a mom, I’ve noticed the one thing you don’t give yourself enough of is time for yourself,” she says. “And for me, that’s really working out.”

Read the full article here.

Find some pictures of the event available in our gallery.

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Shiri Appleby Celebrates the Opening of PERVERSE Sunglasses’ Store and Showroom

The UnREAL actress was spotted at the grand opening of the PERVERSE sunglasses in LA on August 18th, 2016. Other famous faces at the event included Sarah Michelle Gellar, Mario Lopez, Olivia Culpo and Louise Roe.

Opening Of PERVERSE Sunglasses’
Opening Of PERVERSE Sunglasses’

Sarah Michelle Gellar, Toni Ko and Shiri Appleby celebrating  the opening oh PERVERSE Sunglasses’ Downtown L.A. store.

Opening Of PERVERSE Sunglasses’

Sarah Michelle Gellar, Toni Ko and Shiri Appleby.

Shiri Appleby and Louise Roe trying on PERVERSE Sunglasses.

Shiri Appleby and Louise Roe trying on PERVERSE Sunglasses.

Find more pictures available on

During the night, Shiri shared a selfie in her gorgeous SUNO dress.

A night out 🌙

A photo posted by Shiri Appleby (@shiriappleby) on


Shiri Appleby And “This Guy”

The paths of Martin Starr and Shiri Appleby crossed once again. Shiri shared a fun photo with Martin Starr on social media. She captured it with “This guy!”. No word, if they just ran into each other or if they are up to something work related.

Martin Starr, who had a guest role on Roswell’s third season, has recently been added to the cast of Marvel’s Spider-Man “Homecoming” and he is best known for his work on HBO’s “Silicon Valley”.

In the first season of the web series “Dating Rules For My Future Self”, Shiri Appleby played app-designer Lucy Lambert, a twenty-something looking for love with the help of her two best friends and secret texts from her future self. Martin Starr, Mircea Monroe, Alison Becker and Taylor Kinney were starring alongside Shiri.

Martin Starr was a guest star in CBS’ “Life In Pieces” and shared the screen with Colin Hanks in pretty funny role recently, as well.