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Press Archive – Launch

Today, we open the doors to our digital press archive – a database for articles, interviews, transcripts and features relating to Shiri Appleby’s activities. And the best thing: All in one place! So far you can find a small interview collection from 1999 and 2000, but we are working very hard to update this section with further press material soon.

Exclusive Interviews had over the years the wonderful experience and privilege to interview Shiri and now you can find all exclusive interviews chronologically ordered in the press archive as well.

Make sure to look around and check the old articles and also our exclusive interviews.



5 Minute Beauty with Shiri Appleby

Earlier this year, Shiri Appleby sat down with “The Hive” magazine to chat about her daily beauty routines, her favourite time saving beauty tips and her healthy lifestyle that is the key to looking and feeling good all the time, “I am mostly I’m trying to enjoy it all and not stress too much. I’ve found that having a good time is the best thing I can do to help me look my best.”

The down-to-earth actress also revealed that her kitchen is regularly used for home-based beauty treatments, “Our daughter’s nanny is also a hair dresser, so when the baby sleeps, she dyes my hair at the kitchen table. She also does my hair for nights out and stays to watch the baby after we leave. I literally couldn’t look pulled together without her.”

Visit the Hive Magazine to read the article in full.


Shiri Appleby Shows her Boudoir

Celebrity makeup artists Jamie Greenberg took us in Shiri Appleby’s private quarter to learn more about Shiri’s favourite beauty products, personal items and little tips on keeping a super cool Boudoir. (Boudoir, French: a woman’s bedroom or small private room.)

This week on Show Me the Boudoir we break it down with Shiri Appleby. Shiri is doing amazing things and she’s actually shooting a new show right now! You might know her from Girls or Chicago Fire. I started doing Shiri’s makeup when she was on Life Unexpected and we’ve become good friends. Enjoy as she shows us her Boudoir and makes us laugh.

Watch the video below.


Spotlight: In Bed With Joan

Last month, Shiri Appleby hopped into bed with the queen of all saucy interviews. Joan Rivers invited the actress to her bed for another episode of “In Bed With Joan”. In this very entertaining and amusing interview they talk about the meanings of their names, Shiri’s new baby, the beginning of Shiri’s career, and the saga of Lena Dunham’s chest.

Watch the video below.