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Shiri Talks “Lemon” & “UnREAL”

Shiri Appleby recently sat down with uInterview to discuss her latest movie Lemon, Bravo, her co-stars, and what she has planned for the future.

Working on “Lemon” and the whole experience has turned her on to the idea of pursuing more comedic roles. Shiri said “I want to do more comedy, I want to go in that direction because it’s a side of me that seems really untapped and I was really grateful that Janicza thought of me for this role and included me.”

Next, Shiri is going back to Vancouver, Canada and she is looking to direct again. She also tells: “I’ve got a handful of shows in various stages of development and I’m just working as hard as I can right now.”

Eight months ago Shiri announced that she started her own production company with the fitting name Appletree Pictures.

Head on over to uInterview and read the full interview:
Shiri Appleby On ‘Lemon,’ Working With Rhea Perlman & ‘UnREAL’


ICYMI: Shiri Appleby at the ‘Under Armour’ Event in July

On July 21, the UnREAL star celebrated with Under Amour the debut of their cross-back bra at a special event in West Hollywood. The sporty launch party was held outside at The London hotel and included a cardio dance workout, followed by a Thai Chi-inspired yoga session.

During the event Shiri was interviewed by PEOPLE and opened up about her six-month-old son Owen, who seems to have more energy than her daughter Natalie. “The first few months, everyone was like, ‘Isn’t it so different?’ And I didn’t really understand,” Shiri told PEOPLE. “Then we just vacationed with some friends of ours that have a baby girl the same age, and she’s dainty and sits, and he’s really active. It’s much more energy!”

The mother-of-two also makes sure to find some time for herself to regain the energy.

“Taking care of myself and working out is something that I’ve really been focused on, because having to go to work and be a mom, I’ve noticed the one thing you don’t give yourself enough of is time for yourself,” she says. “And for me, that’s really working out.”

Read the full article here.

Find some pictures of the event available in our gallery.

Gallery Links:
Events in 2016 > Under Armour Celebrates Debut of UA Crossback Bra

Aug082016 UnREAL, Roswell


The season two finale of Lifetime’s “UnREAL” airs tonight in the United States. spoke with Shiri Appleby and she reveals what she wants to happen next year. “Roswell”‬ is mentioned at the very end of this article, too: UnREAL season 3: Shiri Appleby reveals what she wants to happen next year

Read the article here and make sure to tune in tonight. It’s going to be epic: “The season finale of UnREAL is so epic you won’t even believe it’s real. TONIGHT at 10/9c on Lifetime.”

[…] Along with UnREAL, Shiri’s biggest role to date has been the lead, Liz Parker, in teen sci-fi hit Roswell High. The part pushed her into the spotlight and Shiri said that she would “absolutely” want to do a rebooted series.

She revealed that she ran into Roswell High’s creator Jason Katims recently and said that “whenever the opportunity is presented” she would get on board with it. “I think I would be very much excited to do it,” Shiri said.


Code Black with Shiri Appleby: Round-Up

Shiri Appleby joined Code Black cast as recurring guest star.

The UnReal star joined the Code Black cast to guest star in a four-episode arc on the CBS series. The last episode (The Fog of War) starring Shiri Appleby aired on January 13th, 2016.

In the medical drama, Shiri played Dr. Carla Niven, the former girlfriend of Melanie Chandra’s Dr. Malaya Pineda. They reconnected when a pregnant Dr. Niven was admitted to the hospital and diagnosed with a form of cancer.

In case you missed Shiri’s emotional guest appearance or you want to relive some tragic moments with Dr. Carla Niven, you can find an extensive photo update in our gallery. We added HD screen captures of every episode as well as some episode stills and behind-the-scenes pictures. If you want to watch the full episodes online, visit

Gallery Link:
Code Black > 106 – In Extremis: Screenshots
Code Black > 106 – In Extremis: Episode Stills
Code Black > 108 – You Are The Heart: Screenshots
Code Black > 108 – You Are The Heart: Episode Stills
Code Black > 111 – Black Tag: Screenshots
Code Black > 111 – Black Tag: Episode Stills
Code Black > 111 – Black Tag: Behind the Scenes
Code Black > 112 – The Fog of War: Screenshots
Code Black > 112 – The Fog of War: Behind the Scenes

Shiri discussed her experience and role on Code Black in the interviews below.

AfterEllen: Shiri Appleby on playing TV’s go-to pregnant lesbian ex-girlfriend and tonight’s “Code Black”
Xfinity: From the Set: Melanie Chandra & Shiri Appleby On Being Exes on ‘Code Black’”

Click on the picture to watch the video.

Did we miss something in our Code Black round-up? Submit a comment below.