We are very pleased to announce that the short movie starring actress Shiri Appleby “The Happiest Person In America” is currently viewable in its entirely because it is being honored as the online selection of the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival for the month of December. Fans of Shiri can watch her in the short film for the month of December only (then it goes down).

Do not miss this wonderful short movie and watch it below:


“Is there a mathematical formula for happiness? The Happiest Person In America explores this possibility, and one woman’s quest to learn from the one man who has perhaps mathematically “achieved” it. Set at the cultural intersection of American Judaism and the Asian American experience, the film tells an unexpectedly funny and subtly insightful story about what we lose and what we gain throughout our lives, and how those transactions affect our identities and our happiness– even while we must acknowledge that there are some aspects to each of us that are immutable.”

For further information, please visit the official website: www.thehappiestpersoninamerica.com.

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