q&a-withshiri We are extremely proud and excited to reveal that Sappleby.com will be holding an upcoming Q&A session with Shiri Appleby!

Rather than letting us ask what we want to hear, we would like to give you – our loyal visitors – the unique opportunity to get your most burning questions answered by the actress herself!

You can submit your questions in the comments section below or via our Facebook and Twitter pages before Wednesday, March 20th. We will do our best to ask each and every one of your questions.

Now it only remains for us to say: Let the questions begin!


We have been absolutely and gratefully overwhelmed by all your interest in our Q&A with Shiri Appleby. We received loads of questions even far after the submission deadline. So, we have decided to extend the deadline to make sure that every single fan has the opportunity to send us their questions and thoughts. The new deadline is Monday, April 1st.

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