Former Life Unexpected star Shiri Appleby has proven to her fans that she was born to act. Since childhood she has portrayed numerous roles ranging from the young nerdy intern in Emergency Room to her most successful performance as the sweet and kind Liz Parker in Roswell. This year, the actress is turning her attention to the Internet.

Shiri is set to guest star in the pilot of a new scripted web series entitled Whole Day Down. This will be her first time appearing in a web series and she will play a character named Moon.

Director Patrick Breen and Shiri Appleby as Moon.

We spoke exclusively with co-creator Tai Fauci about the plot summary and Shiri’s appearance. “Whole Day Down is a web series I co-created with my good friend Patrick Breen. It is a satirical look at the LA art scene, starring Patrick and Willie Garson from Sex & The City. Shiri, who has worked with Patrick previously, came in and did a guest role in the pilot, playing a video artist named Moon.”

First Look: Official Images from Whole Day Down

The series is set to debut later this year, and is currently in post-production after filming in Los Angeles in December 2010. Follow the show on Twitter at @wholedaydown and Facebook. For more information on Whole Day Down, please visit and stay tuned for the first episode!

An interesting teaser trailer, shown below, has been recently released for the upcoming web series.

The official plot synopsis reveals, that Patrick Lightfoot and Willie Lee are two inept art enthusiasts who try to open their own gallery in a space that is only available to them one day a month. To make matters worse, the less-than-stellar artists they recruit leave them vulnerable to their arch nemesis, a vindictive art critic named Addison DeWitt.

What do you think about this new independent web series, and Shiri’s involvement?

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