We’re not gonna lie – last night was a very stressful evening in twitterland. But not only for us! Even our lovely Life Unexpected gang had some major twitter overload due to all retweets, official tweets, member tweets… 36 new tweets, 50 new tweets … and so on.

In case you missed the wonderful “Watch and Tweet” event with Shiri, here are our top 10 tweets:

  • 01) Kris is so focused you’d think he’s tweeting to get into college.
  • 02) Austin is breaking down. We just showed him a computer for the first time.
  • 03) I have never seen Kris or Austin so stressed. Not in 5 months of filming.
  • 04) Admit it Kris… You had a crush on me when you guest starred on Roswell. Just be honest.
  • 05) Austin was in a Wendy commercial. I did one for Taco Bell. It was obvious we were destined for success.
  • 06) We want Rosie!!! We want Rosie!!! We want Rosie!!!
  • 07) I think I’m tone deaf or that’s what all those nice kids in elementary school used to tell me.
  • 08) I’m a LA girl with a crush on NYC!!
  • 09) Britt is in New Zealand being a movie star. Momma is proud of her little lady.
  • 10) I love Roswell too!!!

Head over to our gallery and you can see some amazing images taken during the twitter event. Show creator Liz Tigelaar wrote that she was taking a behind the scenes video of “this situation” too and hopefully she will add it on her official Facebook page soon.

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