Back in October 2009, we here at Sappleby.Com had the wonderful experience and privilege to interview the extraordinarily talented Shiri Appleby. She took the time to chat with us about her latest project Life Unexpected. We’re really looking forward to watching Shiri on her new show. Don’t miss the premiere on January 18th, 2010!

The press writes “by far the most engaging new TV-series”, or “Life UneXpected is the best of The CW’s upcoming new series.” How do you feel being involved in a television series that is so well-received by the press and has already gained adoration in the form of fansites, even though ‘Life Unexpected’ does not air until mid-season? Is there a certain sense of pressure?

Shiri: I am excited about the show and the work that we are doing everyday here in Vancouver. In terms of any supposed hype, I don’t know if we feel more pressure than usual. Everyone involved wants the show to be good because the scripts are that good. We want to live up to what Liz and the other writers have been creating. Honestly, we were blown away by the response at TCA and can only hope that everyone continues to enjoy this story.

‘Life Unexpected’ is described as a mix between ‘Juno’ and ‘Gilmore Girls’. How would you describe the show?

Shiri: The description of LU being a cross between Juno and Gilmore Girls is pretty accurate although I’d through a little Tootsie in there as well.

Has your life changed since you started working on ‘Life Unexpected’? What was it like that first day on set?

Shiri: Since we’ve started, my days are jam packed with shooting, wardrobe fittings, staying healthy for this 5 month run, sleeping and trying to stay in touch with all my friends and family back home. But nothing has catastrophically changed. It’s just work as usual.

Could you enlighten us a little on the actual process of filming ‘Life Unexpected’ and is it different to other series you have worked on before?

Shiri: This show is different in the sense that it’s a very open set where the actors are all trying different things, making suggestions and helping each other out.

We all know that there is a lot of waiting around during the filming of many television series and films. Do you have one particular activity you like to do while waiting?

Shiri: When I’m waiting to shoot (like now) I read a lot, sleep, talk on the phone, do yoga in my trailer, stare at the wall. Anything to just unwind for a bit. A call home to the parents usually happens. 🙂

Do you feel you have room to develop and explore your role in ‘Life UneXpected’ with a lot of your own influences or are you restricted to the vision of the producers?

Shiri: It’s a very collaborative process. Liz has said that she feels we’re creating Cate together and I couldn’t agree more. Also, we have an amazing costume designer on the show, Katia Stano, that has been so helpful creating a unique look for Cate. I couldn’t do it without these two ladies and the entire hair and make-up team. We all talk and figure out where the character is at this point in the story and thankfully the network has been right there supporting us along the way.

Thanks to Liz Tigelaar’s Facebook page, we get the impression that the cast seem to get along great and that you all have a lot of fun behind the scenes too. Are there any particular behind the scenes stories you’d like to share with us?

Shiri: I can’t think of anything super funny. It’s all sorta amusing…

You seem as if you are the kind of actress who keeps her private life private. What influenced you to create public Twitter and Facebook accounts?

Shiri: I decided to get involved in the online community because it’s a great way to get the word out about the show. It’s something I’m really proud of and I would like as many people to know about it as possible. Hopefully my fun little pages will help spread the word.

The show is called ‘Life Unexpected’: What are you expecting in your life?

Shiri: What am I expecting in my life? Hmm… I’m expecting to get called to set just as soon as I finish this! I’m expecting to finish principal photography Feb 5th. Other than that, I’ll let whatever happens, happen. I don’t want to jinx anything!

Are there any types of roles that you’re hoping to pursue, that you haven’t had the chance to do just yet?

Shiri: I’d love to do more comedy. I’m doing a lot of it on the show and I’m really enjoying it! Hopefully I’ll be able to do something really fun in the future. That’d be great!

Let’s take a trip down memory lane. There is a music video, that can be seen on Youtube, from the year 2000 and we would love to know the history behind this particular video. What can you tell us about the video?

Shiri: That’s hysterical!! That’s my cousin’s Ethan’s band. We were in college (at least he was) and it was my first year on Roswell. He asked me to be the girl in the video and of course I said yes. He wouldn’t let them have me do anything too sexy!! What a trip! He’ll love that…

Let’s end on what you would like to say to your fans.

Shiri: I’d like to thank all the people out there who’ve supported me along the way. I feel very lucky and grateful to have been surrounded by such a supportive bunch and I hope I get more opportunities to continue to entertain you. Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you!!

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